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INTERNATIONAL JOB RECRUITMENT AGENCY, INCORPORATED (I-JOBS) is a company engaged in the business of recruitment and placement of Professional and Skilled Workers Overseas. iJOBS is duly registered with the Philippine Overseas and Employment Administration (POEA), with license number POEA-023-LB-01208-R under the Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE).

iJOBS has access to the latest jobs in the USA, in the European countries, the Middle East, and across the globe. We let the Filipinos know of the suitable vacancies abroad, utilizing our comprehensive knowledge in placement and career opportunities. Based in Parañaque City, and with associates and partners throughout the Philippines, we employ a full database of employment vacancies for:

  • Engineering Professionals

  • Information Technology Professionals

  • Allied Medical Professionals

  • Oil & Gas Professional & Skilled

  • Other Professionals and Skilled Workers


“Corporate integrity and reliability”…
  • Be the most credible, innovative and reliable international recruitment company in the Philippines.
  • Be the best provider of rewarding overseas jobs to the Filipino people to complement and support our government in its thrust to economic development.
  • Be a world-class provider of skillful and knowledgeable workforce to our Global Partners.

“To help the Filipinos achieve a better way of life by realizing their worth and their dreams, beyond the boundaries of their homeland.”
  • We collaborate with the human resources departments of stable and thriving companies abroad. And we help and let the Filipinos know of the suitable vacancies from the global marketplace, by utilizing our comprehensive career placement knowledge, technological tools and expertise.

“To deliver results and exceed expectations”…

  • We capitalize on our advantage - our innovative technological project management skills. We employ an effective and cost-efficient recruitment system that benefits both our Global Partners Clients and Job Applicants.
  • Our commitment to ensure that efficiency and quality standards are met, capitalizing on the company’s potentials and solid experience.
  • To ensure that our company will always be in compliance with the established policies and regulations of government institutions concerned with overseas recruitment.
  • To exceed our client’s expectations. We will ensure that they are provided with complete and accurate information to achieve fast results and alleviate setbacks.
  • For our applicants - we will guide them, sit down with them, help them plan their goals and provide them with quality support services needed to help obtain immediate employment.


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