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International Job Recruitment Agency Incorporated (iJOBS) employs proactive, competent consultants, dedicated and experienced staff that plays an important role in efficiently handling the rigorous recruitment and screening processes of candidates prior to their actual interview with Employers. After the selection process, accordingly candidates are guided every step of the way until they are ready for deployment to their country of work.

As Global Partners, we have an obligation to conduct our recruitment activities lawfully and with the utmost integrity that must be in accordance with the highest degree of professional business ethics. Because we believe that we need to employ only one principle in everything that we do in business; do the right thing. iJOBS have developed a reputation for making things happen when others cannot. As a global company, innovative and always make a difference, iJOBS is uniquely positioned to provide world-class services to our global partners and future partners.

We believe in technology. Our advantage to other employment agencies is that we have the technology available that is required in this line of business. It is available in our headquarters in Manila and also in the network of offices of our business partners located in Baguio City, Cebu City and Davao City. This service is offered to our applicants' FREE-OF-CHARGE.

EMPLOYERS Videoconferencing Benefits:

  • Prior to coming to the Philippines for a large number of candidates to be hired, Employers can pre-interview applicants in our facilities at our Manila Headquarters and other facilities located in the provincial areas such as Baguio City (Luzon), Cebu City (Visayas) and Davao City (Mindanao).

  • Applicants from the provincial areas will have greater opportunities and fair chances to be interviewed, especially for those specific occupations that are not available in Manila. These applicants don't have to come to Manila for an interview due to expenses involved, therefore, it's a huge savings for them.

  • Employers' urgent (case-by-case) staffing requirement will dramatically reduce the total processing time and will facilitate deployment of workers and eliminate the need to come to the Philippines. iJOBS is capable to handle and deliver such requirement.

OTHER Videoconferencing Benefits:

  • Reduced travel expenses

  • Eliminates unproductive time

  • Alleviate meeting delay

  • Immediate information exchange

  • Increase productivity and efficiency

  • Improved Management Communications

  • Enhanced flexibility

  • Enhanced business opportunities

  • Competitive advantage

It is imperative that all pre-qualified applicants should take trade tests and must pass. This substantiates the applicant’s proficiency in his chosen profession. Foreign employers pose strict guidelines in employee selection and only the trade tests results corroborate the competence of each candidate. IJOB ensures that applicants fulfill this requirement to avoid potential impediments.


It is mandatory for every applicant to undergo medical examination through accredited Medical Clinics as required by The Department of Labor and the Workers' country of destination. The fundamentals include blood, urine, and stool examinations, physical and dental, hepatitis B screening, AIDS Testing, chest x-rays, and psychological exams.

Those who failed "NOT FIT TO WORK" the medical tests will be refused for placement.


iJOBS has strong affiliates with immigration and travel institutes who have been in the urban industry for years. This affiliation guarantees that the processing of applicants�Edocuments is fast and is in accordance with government procedures. This encompasses documentation and certification of credentials, preparation for passport application, endorsements, licensing, authentication, and all other documentation minutiae. Our team from the documentation division will ensure that all documents submitted to us are carefully examined, verified, and delivered to its recipients.

Prior to deployment of workers, iJOBS is responsible for conducting a pre-departure orientation such as their living conditions, the culture, laws, tradition from their country of work and also issues in handling homesickness.


By tradition, Filipinos are naturally close to their families. Once a worker(s) is/are deployed, we maintained a constant communication with their families to ensure that they are guided in terms of financial planning, family and career planning. It is also our responsibility to inform their families about the worker’s condition. Occasionally, we do invite their family members on iJOBS and Partners' social gatherings to ensure that the workers' families are doing well.

iJOBS lives to its mission of ensuring that employment takes place at the shortest time possible. Once an employer affirms the hiring of a job applicant by signing its employment contract, IJOBS guarantees completion of documentation and all pre-deployment formalities of the worker within 30 days or better.

In rare circumstances, if a particular worker deployed found not at par with the employer's standard of qualification, we guarantee repatriation and immediate replacement all at our cost.

This guarantee does not apply to directly hired employees abroad.


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